MR Corp is an Indonesian company with rapidly growing, diversified holding company that is active in several industries. The group is divided into three main business holding operations concentrating in Plastics Industry, Property (Land Development), Food, and Creative Industry. The group has established strongly-positioned companies in the field, such as: PT. ABC Plastindo ( ABCPlast, Polyrub ) , PT. Zenith Material Solution, PT. Buana Oasis Chemicals, PT. Bumi Indah Propertindo ( BIP Land ), PT. Pasar Terasi Indonesia ( Bonanza ) and Si Kuprit Corp.

The group was founded in 2005 by the chairman and principal shareholder Mr. Mustofa Romdloni. The business started originally in the recycle plastics material and general trading, than continued as consultant and supplier of material in plastics industry. From 2010 onwards, the group expanded into new business sectors in the area of manufacture plastics material, property and food. It is within this period that the group gained scale and depth in respective industries and to build a solid foundation for future growth.

In 2012, the group companies name becomes MR Corporation. In short, MR Corp, is a brand that embeds Mr. Mustofa Romdloni’s name and character into the company. We also can say MR as “Miracles become Reality”. That is essential in contributing values of creating miracles in human life, optimism and strong forward of the future into the company. In addition, this was a strategic step to reposition the group to be multi-national company, ready to expand into the region and other parts of the globe.

Looking towards the future, MR Corp is committed to continuing the tradition of growth. The group will keep developing innovative products which will provide more value to customer, bring in quality professionals and business experts, as well as establish strategic partnerships with investors both in Indonesia and internationally.

Becoming Indonesia’s champion, steady expanding market and business to regional and international through best product, service, quality and price is our company’s way that summarized in our motto of “Miracles become Reality”.

Our Company

  1. MR Plastics

    CV Jabbaar Mulia Providing recycled plastics for industrial need.

    PT. Zenith Material Solution focuses on consultant and chemicals supplier in plastic industry, As the consultant Zenith providing chemicals formulation, market, and business development for companies.

    PT. ABC Plastindo manufacturer of PVC compound material that highly need as the raw material in electronic parts, automotive parts, home appliances, medical, packaging etc.

    PT. Buana Oasis Chemicals as basic chemicals supplier in PVC rigid compound, granule plastics material such PP, LDPE, HDPE, etc.

  2. MR Food

    Food division of MR CORP established in Jan 2015, with acquired CV. Pasar Terasi, that many years’ experience in produces and market of shrimp paste.

  3. MR Land

    MR Land is a division of MR CORP that focuses in property business. Developing exclusive residential in every segment is our mission. Under PT. Bumi Indah Propertindo (BIP Land).

  4. MR Creatives

    Build Creatives Industry base on local wisdom is the mission in MR Creatives. As division of MR CORP, since 2014 MR creatives, under Si Kuprit corp committed to bring Si Kuprit as a new legend in Indonesia.

mr plaza

Our Vision

Becoming solution of human life in Indonesia and around the world by our products and services. Bringing miracles into reality on people’s daily life.

  • To continuously develop new products, innovate and add value to all our product offerings and services for the benefit of our customers.
  • To provide products and services that contribute on better civilization
  • To build strategic business relationships with our key stakeholders including suppliers, investors and partners.

  • Solution „ Providing products and services that always became solution for better human life and civilization
  • Entrepreneurial „ Encourage the spirit of risk-taking and full accountability while providing performance-based rewards across all layers of our organization
  • Innovative „ Continual improvement of products and services following the trends.
  • Visionary „ Developing new products for today and future need.
  • Transparent„ Trustworthy in how our businesses communicate and interact with consumers, business partners and employees (all stake holders).

MR Corp. History Timeline



Plastics division of MR Corp was founded in 2005 with CV. Jabbaar Mulia as the embryo of the company.


PT. Zenith Material Solution


PT. ABC Plastindo


PT. Buana Oasis Chemicals



Food division of MR CORP  with acquired PT. Pasar Terasi, that many years’ experience in produces and market of shrimp paste.



MR Land is a division of MR CORP that focuses in property business. Developing exclusive residential in every segment is our mission.



Build Creatives Industry base on local wisdom is the mission in MR Creatives


Mustofa Romdloni
President Director
Entrepreneur Journey Mustofa Romdloni, borned at Boyolali Central Java, a Chemical Engineer from Diponegoro University Semarang. Worked at 3 different companies during the first year after his graduation. Finally he think that became an entrepreneur is the way to realize his value of life: Provide benefits to more people’s lives Freedom to express and doing great things in live In 2001 he start from zero his part time business, and step by step the business transformed the size, from informal, small, medium, and large. Currently the business growing and start to diversified as a business group. He is very expert in plastics industry, plastics field becoming his business’s backbone till now. While the group already diversified in many field such property, food and creative industry. Social-preneur His dozen years experience of entrepreneur journey already shared to in the book of Sederhana tapi Dahsyat. His value on provide benefits to more people’s lives try to delivered through the companies that giving benefits to all stake holder ( customer, employee, vendor and share holder) and the social environtment. Besides, he also try to share it together with Tangan Di Atas Community ( TDA ), the biggest entrepreneur community in Indonesia. Be trusted as a Presiden TDA periode 4.0 (2015-2017) is his last responsibility in TDA. Spokes at a lot of seminars and workshop is one of the way to actualize his value of live.