Plastics division of MR Corp was founded in 2005. CV. Jabbaar Mulia is the embryo of the company. Providing recycled plastics for industrial need are the core of this company. CV Jabbaar Mulia had also engaged in general supplier for industry and truck forwarding service.

In the middle of 2009, PT. Zenith Material Solution was founded. The company focuses on consultant and chemicals supplier in plastic industry. As the consultant, Zenith providing chemicals formulation, market, and business development for companies that will building new company or new product in Indonesia, especially with the base PVC soft product.

Zenith also provides plastics basic chemicals, material, and imported machines that commonly uses in plastics industry. Until now, PT. Zenith already works together with some multinational companies.

In the end of 2009, PT. ABC Plastindo ( was founded. A manufacturer of PVC compound material that highly need as the raw material in electronic parts, automotive parts, home appliances, medical, packaging etc.

Strong company foundation are made by perfect partnership of Mr. Mustofa Romdloni that expert in plastics industry and Ms. Tan Pwee Kheng with his strong financial and business background.

Currently, PT. ABC Plastindo is the leader specialty polymer & PVC compound producer in Indonesia.

In 2010 PT. Buana Oasis Chemicals ( was incorporated. With the business core as basic chemicals supplier in PVC rigid compound, granule plastics material such PP, LDPE, HDPE, etc.

Buana Oasis Chemicals (Boschem) also run as a trading company that selling various plastics end product from injection and extrusion company. PT. Boschem stated as authorized distributor and sales of S+ Door, S+ Plafond, Extrusion Profile, tube, injection products etc.

MR Plastics decides to be one stop solution in plastics need. We provide basic chemicals, intermediate material and the end product in plastics industry.

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